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Device Centric Classroom Management

The Most Advanced MDM for Schools + Powerful App & Content Catalog + Teacher Tools
= Distraction Free Mobile Device Adoption

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Cellabus Teacher iPad Classroom Management

Tools to Manage the 1:1 Classroom

Manage student device interaction in the classroom with ease

Keep Students On Task

With Cellabus, you can lock all your students' devices to a single app, thus ensuring your students aren't distracted while using their devices

Install Content Wirelessly

Remotely push apps and ebooks to all your students' devices right from the Cellabus Dashboard without having to get IT involved

Trusted Content Reviews

Discover great content using reviews from other teachers within your school or district

Upload and Share Files

Upload and push files securely to all your students devices over-the-air

The Most Advanced Device Management Solution, Built for Schools

Cellabus takes care of managing your devices, letting you focus on learning instead

Cellabus MDM
Completely Cloud Based

Cellabus is completely cloud based making it easy and fast to set up and manage

Hierarchical Management

Cellabus emulates the unique hierarchical and tiered structure of schools and districts which makes it easy to set group based policies and share management between districts, schools and teachers

Zero-Touch Enrollment, Configuration & Management

With Cellabus you can enroll, configure and manage devices and content on them without ever having to physically touch the device!

Actionable Alerts

Alerts for devices that need your attention: on the dashboard, through email and text.

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Discover, Distribute, and Manage all your Digital Content with Ease

With Cellabus, every school/district gets a centralized content catalog for all your digital content: apps, ebooks and files. Think of it as your school's very own App Store where your teachers can find, request and distribute the best content to the right student's device.

Cellabus App Store Education

Just some of the hundreds of schools and districts worldwide that use Cellabus

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